We Work Hard to Ensure Safe Work Zones

Bullseye Builders is dedicated to ensuring that our projects are safe, both for our trades and for our clients. We go the extra mile to ensure that safety procedures are followed, every time, and on every project.

Safe general contractor in Orange County, CA
General Contractor in Orange County, CA

Building Safe Practices from the Bottom Up

We understand that construction sites can be hazardous, and that many of our renovation projects may be active while employees or family members are nearby. That’s why we insist that everyone on our team is properly certified and trained in safety procedures. We strictly adhere to all applicable OSHA standards, and encourage everyone on the jobsite to identify and correct all safety issues before they become a problem.

Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Bullseye Builders has a robust Injury and Illness Prevention program, which addresses in detail many of the common and uncommon hazards of the jobsite. We are dedicated to maintaining the safety and health of our employees, and proactively work towards ensuring a safe environment for everyone.